who am i

Dan is a travel, tourism, and marketing professional who many consider well versed and passionate about the Travel and Hospitality industry. Dan’s leadership spans more than five years, and has recently turned his unique project, Art of Overnight, into reality

Known throughout the industry for his hands-on management style, Dan has built a highly regarded culture that emphasizes the importance of “Passionate” people and recognizes the value they bring to the industry. Art of Overnight has become well known as a great place to work and for its commitment to diversity, social responsibility and community engagement.

After experiencing his own success, Dan realized his desire to create excellent hotel and travel experiences for sustainable and economic prices. Planning adventurous trips for next-to-nothing became the norm. He refined his skills of creating the best deals and offering a luxury travel lifestyle for almost no money whatsoever. Daniel enjoys creating videos for his Art of Overnight Vblog to spread the word and teach others to travel, experience affordable luxury, and maintain peace of mind.

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